By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Apr 28, 2014 @ 5:57 pm
Revenge Fashion Credits
Credit: Courtesy ABC

Last night's Revenge further demonstrated the ever-changing nature of the plot, and showcased a few glamorous wardrobe changes along the way! The episode started out promising, with Pascal and Victoria sharing a moment on her balcony. As Queen Grayson is planning her next move against Emily, Pascal surprises her by proposing to her, and pulls out a massive diamond ring. Victoria accepts, but Conrad attempts to kill her good mood by revealing that Pascal had a hand in Oscar Chapman's murder. With the help of Aiden and Nolan, Emily kidnaps Pascal, and pretends to be agent Rebecca Stone from Homeland Security to get information about the Graysons out of him. She and Nolan break into his phone, but don't find any information to tie him to the demise of Emily's father David Clarke. After Emily brings up Margaux, Pascal becomes more cooperative and agrees to wear a wire to Javier's MyClone launch party, but does not want to involve Victoria. He doesn't tell Victoria what happened during the meeting, but does ask her to pack her bags so they can leave for France that night. Suspicious of the sudden change of plans, Victoria finds a business card in Pascal's jacket given to him by Emily, and she calls it. A voicemail for Homeland Security answers, and she then voices her concerns to Daniel, who tells Conrad that Pascal has been talking to the government. "He's totally following in Conrad's footsteps and is becoming more manipulative," says costume designer Jill Ohannesson. "It's such an arc for his character, taking this innocent college boy to a deadly media mogul."

While Victoria is excited for her engagement, Charlotte receives an unsettling letter from someone she believes to be David Clarke. Victoria dismisses it as a prank, but Charlotte's instincts -- not to mention the printed two-piece outfit by Aqua she wore -- suggested otherwise. She asks Jack to help her look into the matter, and the two visit a cabin where the letter may have come from. Not realizing he is being watched, Jack notices a ring with the initials D.C. engraved on it, and takes the ring with him.

Jill Ohanneson - Revenge Costume Designer
Credit: Courtesy Photo

The MyClone launch is in full-swing when Nolan and Emily arrive, only to find that they aren't on the guest list. Nolan points out that his name is all over the hardware, and the two walk in, where Nolan tampers with Javier's MyClone platform. After a very public technological malfunction, Javier is fired as Margaux is announced as the CEO of LeMarchal Media. Emily notices Pascal and Conrad leaving together and decides to follow them. Not knowing Emily is also following them, Victoria also starts making her way to the roof of the building, where Conrad has a helicopter waiting. Pascal attempts to get information out of Conrad, but Conrad responds by shoving Pascal into the helicopter blades, killing him instantly. Emily witnesses the whole scene, and misses Victoria by mere seconds. Victoria arrives in hysterics upon seeing the aftermath, as Conrad claims it was an accident. "Conrad is just so evil! And he's playing everybody," Ohannesson says. "No matter what he says, I think he'd rather see Victoria be miserable without him than with him, especially since he and Pascal have been rivals for years."

Margaux arrives at Grayson Manor in tears after learning about her father's death, and Victoria locks herself away, in shock. She asks Daniel if he tipped Conrad off about the feds getting involved with Pascal, but he denies any part in it. She then calls the Homeland Security number, only to find that it has been disconnected. As if that weren't shocking enough, Charlotte also finds herself in trouble. During a walk on the beach, an unknown person in a mask attacks her and kidnaps her. Our minds are racing with the possibilities of who it may be... Each week, we catch up with Ohanneson, who gives us the breakdown on what each character wore, and why. Click through our gallery to get all the exclusive details!