Get Cozy For Fall with These On-Trend Tips

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New season, new style! As we embrace the new fall season, it’s all about adding cozy new touches to your wardrobe – think ultra-soft layering pieces and bold, luxe prints. Here, check out five autumn-awesome ways to update your look right now.

Sweater Girl

Nothing screams “fall” like a plush, oversized sweater. Try one from the menswear section, or a size up from your usual one, in sumptuous textures like cashmere, knit, or cotton-wool. The most important thing? The sweater should feel curl-up cozy, like your favorite blanket!

Bath & Body Works Knits Charmin

Knits Charmin

Knits are almost synonymous with “fall” (ever seen Love Story?). Soft ski hats; plush, chunky scarves, and luxurious sweaters not only keep you cozy and warm as temps drop – the layers add super-cool depth and dimension to your autumn look. Try bold statement pieces in shades like plum, cobalt, grey, and lively paisley patterns.

Wild Style

Animal-prints are incredibly hot for fall – and they’re a glamorous way to update your look in a flash. Simply shop your closet for cozy button-downs and tees, and pair them with a toasty-soft leopard print jacket. Pro tip: chic, boxy silhouettes make the bold print most wearable.

Bath & Body Works Soft Touch

Soft Touch

A brilliant way to transition your wardrobe to fall? Add a touch of super-soft shearling to your summertime ensembles, like a floral sundress, or a tank and denim! This goes-with-everything, vanilla-hued vest is the perfect layering piece to wear as the weather goes from smoking-hot to cool and crisp.

Cozy Scents

New season, new scent! A delicious way to usher in autumn is with a perfume, body lotion, or candle that captures the magic of the season. Go for scents that are cozy and warm with the fragrances associated with this time of year -- think a delightful vanilla.

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