Calligraphy Pumpkin
Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

Despite the near extinction of the handwritten note, calligraphy has never gone out of style and is, in fact, trendier than ever. While calligraphy may be commonplace on wedding stationery, or as a decorative flourish on cakes, the creative folks at Style Me Pretty Living have shown it can be multipurpose, even amongst the ghouls and goblins of Halloween.

The secret: A linoleum cutter with a convenient handle to etch out more intricate designs. Abby Larson, founder of Style Me Pretty, also advises taking into account the size of your canvas. "Make sure you find a pumpkin with a big enough surface to easily carve out your pretty calligraphy. Sorry, mini pumpkins," she says. Not a bright orange fan? Abby says, "Choose a white pumpkin or spray paint your pumpkin (gold, anyone?) before starting." Follow Abby's step-by-step instructions and print out the tablets linked to below, or create your own design!

Calligraphy Pumpkin
Credit: Sarah Balch for

Associate Producer Katie Donbavand created this InStyle-inspired pumpkin, following the steps below!

DIY Calligraphy Pumpkins

Materials: Pumpkin Serrated knife Large Spoon Linoleum Cutter Masking tape “Boo” Template “Eeek” Template Pins Paint Pen

Instructions: 1. Cut out the lid of your pumpkin and scoop out the insides. Scrape down and thin out the sides you intend to carve. 2. Download and print out the template of your choice. Tape to the pumpkin. 3. Use the pin to poke holes in the pumpkin, tracing the lines of the template. 4. Remove the template and connect the pinholes with the marker. 5. Use the linoleum cutter to scoop out the inside of the calligraphy letters. Use a knife to get any small detailed areas. 6. Place a candle inside to highlight the letters and place the pumpkin on your front steps!