Get Beachy Waves the Easy Way With These Tips!

Kerry Washington - Blake Lively - Beachy Waves
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Like the wind and water needed to create them, beachy waves are a force of nature—at least in the beauty world. We love the bedhead texture Kerry Washington and Blake Lively wore, but with the warmer climes behind us, the summery style tends to go on the wayside. Enter TIGI's 2-in-1 Styling Iron ($30;, which helps us create celebrity-inspired waves without the trip to the shore. Follow these tips for easy, beach-inspired hair!

1. Use the heat-resistant glove to loosely wrap a section of your hair around the wand, then tousle the style with your fingers once your strands have cooled off.

2. The absence of a clip means you won't have to worry about the telltale bend at the end of your hair shaft, and the aptly-placed bubbles help space out each section for the ultimate beachy texture.

3. Just be sure to alternate the direction of each section, as the natural wave created by salt water isn't uniform.

Plus, shop more must-have hair tools for creating perfect holiday styles in our gallery!

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