By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Aug 11, 2014 @ 12:33 pm
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There's nothing like kicking back with a nice glass of red wine, and thanks to a little antioxidant called resveratrol, we're also fans of the hidden health benefits of a well-aged merlot. Resveratrol, which comes from grapes, packs major anti-aging benefits, and also encourages a healthy circulatory system by keeping your arteries healthy and helping to maintain a normal blood pressure. The only issue, of course, lies in the headache we tend to get after a few too many glasses ... Enter Vinia, a superfood supplement made from red grape cells, which packs all of the health and skin-care benefits, minus the brutal morning-after feeling.

BioHarvest, the mastermind company behind the product, uses an innovative method of extracting pure resveratrol from grapes, and just one serving packs as much of the polyphenol as an entire bottle of red wine. Plus, since the formula leaves alcohol, sugar, and yes, even calories out of the mix, it also gives you a more alert feeling, making it an ideal way to start the day. Vinia mixes well with just about everything from water to Greek yogurt, as well as any lifestyle, whether or not you're an avid gym-goer. We also hear it adds a somewhat healthy touch to cake or cupcake icing, though we prefer to stir it into our morning cup of coffee. No hangover with all of the skin-care benefits? We'll drink to that! Find Vinia at later this month, priced at $120 for a 30-day supply.