By Olivia Bahou
Updated Jul 22, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Georgia May Jagger Jewelry Lead
Credit: Thomas Sabo Jewelry

As the daughter of fashion icons Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger has supermodel in her genes. But beyond her stunning good looks, the English model has inherited much more—including two enviable closets filled with decades of treasures.

Georgia May sat down with us in advance of the launch of Thomas Sabo’s new jewelry collection, for which she is the face and muse, and the charming starlet revealed just what pieces she managed to “nick” from mom’s jewelry collection at home.

Georgia May Jagger Jewelry 4
Credit: Thomas Sabo Jewelry

“I have a lot of her costume jewelry from when she was modeling, like stuff from Chanel,” she told InStyle. “It was funny because I asked her the other day, ‘When you first worked for Chanel, who was the designer there?’ She was like, ‘Coco Chanel.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, really?’ It’s quite amazing.”

In particular, she snagged several pieces that she anticipates will be in heavy rotation in the near future. “They’re like gold chains and, you know, big bangles. The '80s was kind of all about that big, chunky costume jewelry and I think that’s going to come back.”

Georgia May Jagger Jewelry 5
Credit: Thomas Sabo Jewelry

While the model may have predicted the next big trend in jewels, we turned our attention back to what’s hot right now: Namely, what Georgia May had on her hands during the conversation. The model rocked pieces from Thomas Sabo’s new collection, including a unique hand piece that doubled as both a bracelet and a ring ($398;

Georgia May Jagger Jewelry 2
Credit: Thomas Sabo Jewelry

Another staple for the star is a “choker-type necklace,” like the triangle diamond stunner draped around her neck ($298; And what other essentials should every girl own? “I think a great pair of earrings like hoops or studs, and a cocktail ring, which is always nice for an evening,” she said.

Georgia May Jagger Jewelry 1
Credit: Thomas Sabo Jewelry

“Choose something that isn’t just a fad, something that you feel that you would wear all of the time that goes with your style. I kind of think that more is merrier, so I don’t have a problem with wearing gold with silver, but some people prefer one or the other.”

Whatever you prefer, choose “something timeless.” We’d say this famous family is timeless indeed.