Georgia May Jagger Shares the Style Philosophy She Inherited from Her Rockstar Dad, Mick

Mick and Georgia May Jagger
Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

At 24 years old, Georgia May Jagger is finally embracing some aspects of her dad Mick Jagger’s glam style. The model, who is the face of Thomas Sabo’s new jewelry collection, told InStyle that she’s more comfortable in jeans and T-shirts, but has started to model some looks after her famous parents.

“Both of my parents are pretty fearless with their style, so I’m a bit more on the toned-down side of it. My mom [legendary model Jerry Hall], when I was younger, used to always encourage me to wear more out-there things because she’s super glamorous. I think they’re both quite glamorous,” she told us. “They often think that I’m just wearing sneakers and jeans. She’ll say to me, like, ‘Come on!’ I’m not really a pencil-skirt-wearing type, but I’ve gotten more into it. I’ve started buying suits.”

But the model hasn’t fully embraced the return of '80s fashion trends, namely oversize, padded jackets. “Years ago, I let my mom give me some Vivienne Westwood stuff. I wore this big leopard-print Vivienne Westwood jacket to my Hudson Jeans party and felt very awkward the whole time. It had big shoulder pads!”

While Dad’s vintage clothes have become “museum pieces,” Georgia May does steal a bit from his current wardrobe. “I usually just nick like a cashmere jumper. He’s got different style now,” she told us. When she was allowed access to some of his archived clothes, she was surprised to find that she was able to slip into them. “I was quite shocked that the trousers fit me, actually. He’s so tiny. I was really worried that they weren’t going to fit.”

So what are Georgia May’s favorite pieces in her closet at the moment? “I’ve been collecting bomber jackets for a few years,” she said. “I just went to Japan, so I bought quite a few from there. My leather jacket’s my favorite.”

There no doubt that she has rockstar style in her genes.

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