Georgia May Jagger
Credit: Getty Images, georgiamayjagger/Instagram

Just when we thought the hair world was taking a brief hiatus from the day-glo highlight trend, Georgia May Jagger goes and channels her inner Rainbow Brite, once again sending our hair inspiration Pinterest board into overdrive. Yesterday, the model paid a visit to Alex Brownsell at London's Bleach Salon, which resulted in a pink, green, blue, and violet look that was dubbed "Georgia and the Technicolor Dreamhair" by the establishment. The famed London outpost is well-known for their expertise in the rainbow connection, and of course, has their own line of dyes and after-care products out to keep the hues vivid for weeks after the appointment. It's an especially daring look, particularly for Georgia, who we have only ever known as a blonde bombshell, but she definitely polls it off. Seems like Kelly Ripa's opal strands just got some friendly competition...