George Ezra
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"In the states, people actually care about fashion [at festivals]," observes George Ezra, the dapper British folk singer who, at the ripe age of 22, has been touted by Burberry as the freshest thing in music, performing at a slew of the brand's events this year. "It wouldn't work in the U.K., because you'd be covered in sh*t." What he's referring to, of course, is the notoriously muddy Glasonbury Festival, held annually each June in Somerset—not far from his native Bristol. But at Austin City Limits, where the fresh-faced musician currently awaits his performance to some of the fest's 60,000 fans, he's content—and clean—in jeans and a T-shirt. Here, he sits down with InStyle to discuss the south, life on the road, and his new hit single.

This is your first time in Austin. Have you been to the south before?
"I don't want to sound ignorant—I've been to Texas, but I'm not exactly sure which part. It was on my tour to support Hozier. Everyone was lovely!"

Who are you excited to see this weekend?
"Lots of people. Royal Blood, Albert Hammond Jr., and The Strokes will all be great. I have yet to leave the festival site, actually."

You've been on the road all summer long. Are you exhausted yet?
"Honestly, I'm sort of amazed that we're still playing festivals this late on. In the U.K., it's different—there's a specific pocket of time you have."

Is there something special you bring on tour to remind you of home?
"I recently bought my own place, and every time I open my bag, I've got the keys hanging from a little strap."

What inspired your new single, "Blame It on Me"?
"I wrote it when I was 18 and had just moved to Bristol. I was saddled with student loans, and I realized there were so many opportunities to play music, so unless I got busy, I could only blame myself."

You seem to be doing just fine—Wanted On Voyage climbed to the #1 spot on the U.K. Albums Chart. Are you nervous about the second album at all?
"It's not in my power. With the amount of fun I've had so far, I'm luckier than any other 22-year-old I know. I remind myself that all the time. If it does well, that's phenomenal, if not, it's not the end of the world."

Listen to "Blame It on Me" below, and buy Wanted On Voyage for $8 on the iTunes Store.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.