By Lara Walsh
Updated Oct 23, 2017 @ 8:00 am

George Clooney was notably one of the first of Hollywood's leading men to condemn disgraced film exec Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct. And, now, the Ocean's Eleven star continues to call for change, echoing Blake Lively's assertions that rampant sexual harassment and abuse need to be curbed in every industry, even in the legal field of his wife, Amal.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the 56-year-old stressed a need to bring other perpetrators, like Weinstein, to justice by overturning the conspiracy of silence. "I will say that somebody knew and if there was a reporter that sat on a story for years and didn't write it," he said. "I want to know who took women up to a hotel room and then left them there for Harvey. There are other people involved in this and the whole culture of this is gonna have to stop."

Clooney also claimed that particular "culture" unfortunately pervades countless other professions, including wife, Amal's, work as a well-known barrister.

"She's faced those exact kinds of situations in law," he said of the British human rights lawyer. "It's everywhere and so it needs to be addressed as if it's a problem for all of us. And we have to take it on full force 'cause the kind of assault that we're talking about now is – it's so infuriating that this was allowed to go on as long as it did."

But the Academy Award winner is hopeful that a break in silence will allow for a brighter future. "We have to, moving forward, we have to make sure that now there has to be something good that's gonna come out of all of this," Clooney stated.

He continued: "And the thing that's good that could come out of this is that women feel safer in talking about these situations, and in doing so, that it makes it much harder for men who would behave like this to do it, [knowing] that they'll get outed… they could lose their job or even go to jail if it goes that far. I think it's important that that's gotta be the step forward from this. There has to be something good that comes out of it."

Keep fighting the good fight, George!