George Clooney Is Admittedly "Nervous" About Raising Kids

There's no official guidebook for new parents, but George Clooney wishes there was. The 56-year-old actor became a parent to two beautiful babies this year, and in a recent interview, he admitted that "a lot of things" make him nervous about raising children.

Clooney and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, welcomed their twins, Ella and Alexander, in June. The Ocean's Eleven star is slowly stepping back into the limelight, attending the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, but his kids are still on his mind.

"A lot of things make me nervous now with kids," Clooney told Entertainment Tonight Canada. "What you want from your children is you want to make sure that they are compassionate and that they pay attention to the rest of the world."

"They are going to be born into a life that, in some ways, is going to be very hectic," he said. "But they're also going to be born into a place of privilege and so they're going to have to learn that [it's] just by accident."

Clooney may have his concerns about properly raising Ella and Alexander, but it sounds like he's got his priorities in order!

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