George Clooney takes Amal back to his hometown for a slice of 'Transparent Pie'
Credit: Magee's Bakery/Splash

George Clooney may have recently confirmed that he’s planning to whisk his wife, Amal Clooney, away into their newly purchased palace in England at the end of this summer, but the actor is making sure to get back to his roots before heading overseas.

Earlier this week, the couple made an adorable romp through George’s hometown of Augusta, Ky., according to WCPO. Their tour read like a story straight out of a romance novel. George reportedly held Amal’s hand down the street where he attended high school, made time for a trip to the local bakery (above), and also stopped by Caproni’s on the River for dinner with family in a nearby town. Of course, the two were as gracious as ever and sang “Happy Birthday” to a diner celebrating the evening.

During the visit, Amal wore a tan thigh-length dress with a fringed hem (above) as well as a more casual ensemble comprised of a plain white T-shirt with jeans, a floral scarf, oversize sunglasses, and brown leather sandals (below). That’s what we call picture perfect.