By Kelsey Glein
Apr 10, 2014 @ 2:13 pm
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While a pair of white jeans may be a spring must-have and look gorgeous when flawlessly clean, one small misstep—like spilling a few drops of your morning latte—can leave your crisp pants ruined. Now, thanks to Joe's Jeans, you don't need to avoid white denim any longer. The brand has created a line of stain-resistant white denim, appropriately named "Spotless," which allows you to be a little more relaxed in your quest to keep your white denim pieces looking new.

Courtesy Photo

The stay-true hue and innovative wash treatment repels spills and resists liquids, including water, coffee, soda, and even the worst type of stain—wine. While the pieces won't ward off pigment based colors such as lip gloss, makeup, nail polish, paint or other products of a similar composition, they will stay white much longer than your average pair of snowy colored jeans. The Joe's Jeans "Spotless" collection features several classic styles—skinny jeans in multiple lengths, a pencil skirt, bermuda shorts, standard cutoff shorts, and trousers, all for your springtime enjoyment.

Fear white denim no longer! Shop the Joe's Jeans "Spotless" collection ($149 - $189) now at and experience white jeans, stain-free.

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