By Grace Gavilanes
Nov 30, 2014 @ 3:07 pm

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We need to talk about your dry cleaning. If you're anything like us, you're either doing it constantly (the average American spends $750 per year) or you go months at a time without addressing it. (Yeah, there's Midori on your Mizrahi. What of it?)

Now there's an in-between approach--and it's crazy-cool.

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The Swash ($500) is the first-ever at-home dry-cleaning machine. About the size of a large garment bag, it fits snugly in your closet or bedroom and cleans soiled clothes in only ten minutes.

That's right, ten minutes.

Here are the specifics: Hang one item at a time inside the Swash, then insert a detergent pod (kind of like a Keurig) and shut the door. Ten minutes later, and after some satisfying whirring, open the door to retrieve your clean, pressed and delightfully un-smelly piece of clothing.

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The Swash doesn't work with really delicate silks or leather--and if you have a serious stain, you should definitely head to a professional dry cleaner.

But having recently seen the thing in action, we can totally attest to its efficacy: A sweaty button-down, smoky sweater and crumpled pencil skirt all came out as good as new.

The Swash is currently available for pre-order for expected August delivery.

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