The pastel pink dye, which was painted from mid-lengths to tips, created a cool contrast between her chocolate brown hair. Considering her hair was around this lob length before the Met Gala, we can assume the first red carpet hairstyle was the work of a set of extensions. However, since Chan changed up her hair color so quickly, this could be the work of a wig, or perhaps temporary dye.

To style the new look, celebrity hairstylist Owen Gould added in loose bends and parted the hair on the side, accessorizing the look with a bejeweled Epona Valley barrette.

Chan's pink hair is further confirmation that pastel hair is going strong this spring. At the Met Gala alone, we saw pastel shades from celebrities like Laverne Cox, Lucy Boynton, and Nicki Minaj.

Not into cotton candy hues? Inch towards that color category by going blonde first, as Kris Jenner, Mindy Kaling, and Katy Perry all proved platinum is back in action.