Garrett Hedlund - InStyle December 2014
Credit: Beau Grealy

He has played a World War II-era officer (Unbroken), a warrior (Eragon) and a rebellious son (Tron: Legacy), but Garrett Hedlund says it was the fight and flight scenes in Pan that really left their mark.

"We were constantly in harnesses and wires being lifted up and thrown all over the place," Hedlund told us when he posed as our Man of Style last year. "I would wake up the next morning totally crippled." And after watching the high flying fantasy (in theaters Friday), it's easy to see why.

Garrett Hedlund - Pan 1
Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

As James Hook, the actor shows a whole new side of the evil captain from J.M. Barrie's original fairytale. And, as Hedlund put it, he is "Hook without the hook" in his hand, making him the polar opposite of Christopher Walken's swashbuckling pirate from last year's Peter Pan Live. In this rendition, Hook befriends Peter (Levi Miller) hoping to escape Neverland and get out from under the thumb of the evil Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman).

Garrett Hedlund - Pan 2
Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Trading in Hook's feathered hat and cloak for an Indiana Jones-style fedora and his naturally rugged good looks, the star crafted his character's style by watching old John Ford films. But, as he said, adding that little bit of country swagger comes naturally both onscreen and off. "I'm so much happier in jeans, a T-shirt, and boots that a fancy suit."

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