See Game of Thrones's Gwendoline Christie in Full Star Wars Regalia

Gwendoline Christie on GOT - Lead
Photo: Facebook/Game of Thrones

You may know her best as armor-covered warrior Brienne of Tarth on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but come December, Gwendoline Christie will prove just how intergalactic her acting shops are. The multi-talented talent is set to take on another warrior role as Captain Phasma of The First Order in the iconic film series’s latest iteration. But while the role is somewhat similar, Christie truly is unrecognizable in her space-age costume.

Alongside 12 must-see, exclusive images from the movie, Entertainment Weekly has released a shot of the actress in her fully shielded frock:

Gwendoline Christie in Star Wars - Embed

Unlike the usual sleek white and plastic look of the robotic fighters, the badass 2015 take on sky-high gun carrying is expressively modern. Christie sports a reflective, gilded body suit that’s part rustic, part technologically captivating. There’s a stained black and red cape draped across her shoulder and an impressive weapon to boot. See the rest of the early glimpses into the new galaxy here—and mark your calendars for Dec. 18, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters.

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