A Song of Ice and ... Water?


Game of Thrones finished up its epic run last night, and in addition to comprising of a few episodes of apparent fan disappointment, the final installments have been an extended game of "spot the error."

During the finale, fans saw something that seemed a little out of the ordinary: a plastic water bottle, right by Samwell Tarly's feet during a pivotal scene.

And that's not all — one fan claims to have spotted a second water bottle in the final episode.

We can't blame the actors for needing to hydrate between takes — especially in heavy, likely very sweaty costumes — but this, if you'll recall, is the third error in three weeks, and fans are pretty fed up.

First, we had a rogue coffee cup left in the middle of a scene (that was then edited out for streaming versions of the episode). A week later, a production still showed Jaime Lannister's right hand, plain as day, as if it was never chopped off in a dramatic scene in season 3.

Sure, they might be innocent mistakes, but some fans are taking them as a sign that the creators just gave up on the show, and rushed through the final season.

In any case, winter is now over, and for better or worse, so are all our opportunities to spot major gaffes.