Game of Thrones Stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner Get Matching Tattoos and It Warms Our Hearts

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner
Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty

It turns out that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's sisterly bond is a lot more than just good acting.

The actresses, who play Stark sisters Arya and Sansa on Game of Thrones, proved this fact beyond the shadow of a doubt this week when they had matching tattoos inked on their forearms.

On Tuesday U.K. tattoo artist Miss Kat Paine shared a photo of herself with 19-year-old Williams and 20-year-old Turner in her studio and revealed in the caption that she had tattooed them that day.

"Got to tattoo these gorgeous girlies today Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones," she wrote, adding a smiley face emoji.

After some curious comments from fans, Paine confirmed that the tattoos are, in fact, matching, and added that she didn't want to steal the girls' thunder by revealing the design first. So until then, we can only guess what the new ink may be. A direwolf? A sword? Or as many have speculated, perhaps the date they met.

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