Just Like Winter, A Game of Thrones Makeup Collection Is Coming

Game of Thrones - HBO 2016 First Look
Photo: HBO/Twitter

It turns out Jon Snow isn’t the only thing coming to life in the Seven Kingdoms. While Khaleesi’s flowing, platinum blonde hair is deserving of all of its glory, soon there might be another Game of Thrones beauty moment worth your attention.

Storybook Cosmetics, the brand behind the Harry Potter makeup of every muggle’s dreams, shared on Instagram that they’re currently working on their next magical collection inspired by Game of Thrones—if they get the greenlight from HBO. If the GoT line really does become a reality, expect it to include an eyeshadow palette shaped like a book, sword makeup brushes, an Iron Throne icy highlighter compact, and dragon egg lipsticks Dany would definitely collect in all three shades.

We really can’t think of better news than this to fill the dark, terror-inducing months of waiting until the summer premiere of the show’s seventh season.

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