Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Reveals Which Character She'd Want to Kill Off the Show

Maisie Williams at Tribeca Film Festival
Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

With the season six premiere of Game of Thrones just a little more than a week away, the show’s star Maisie Williams has made one thing clear: She doesn’t want to talk about the fate of Jon Snow. But when the actress arrived to the premiere of her new film, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City Thursday evening, she had a quick answer when asked which character she’d kill off the show, other than Kit Harrington’s beloved leader of the Night’s Watch.

“Ramsay, of course,” Williams told reporters on the red carpet before heading inside for the screening. “Clearly, we’re all agreed on that.” While the fate of both Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton remain uncertain, there is one person who might already know the outcome: President Barack Obama. It was revealed this week that the commander-in-chief will be getting advance episodes ahead of the show’s return on April 24—a privilege that Williams was shocked to discover.

“I don’t even get that!” she said. “I’m on the show and I don’t get to request that.” Even so, Williams is cool with the President getting a sneak peek at the latest drama in Westeros. But whether or not she thinks it's fair, well, that's a whole different story. “I don’t know about fair," she said with a laugh. "He can do what he wants, clearly.”

GoT politics—and regular politics—aside, Williams was just excited to celebrate the premiere of her new movie. She plays a homeless teenager who befriends an architect (Jason Sudeikis) after the death of his wife (Jessica Biel, whose real-life husband Justin Timberlake served as the composer of the film’s score). Sudeikis’s character is in a dark place, but Williams still enjoyed their time on set. “I had great fun working with Jason,” she said. “His character in the film is very much at a sticky point of his life, and is very vulnerable for the majority of the movie—and so obviously, Jason had to channel that everyday.”

While Sudeikis was mentally preparing to take on the heavy material, Williams took a lighter approach when she got to the set. “I just rolled up like, ‘I’m here for the party, you guys!’” she said. “So I was very aware that he was definitely a lot more quiet on set.”

Now that the project has wrapped, Williams has had the chance to see Sudeikis’s fun side. “It was really great to come and do press,” she said, noting that the actor no longer has to worry “about any scenes or any tears or anything like that.” Instead, ‘He’s just been cracking jokes the whole time.”

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