These Game of Thrones Actors Reportedly Used to Date

And were apparently the source of some on-set drama.

Game of Thrones is about as messy as HBO dramas come — but the show wasn't without its own off-screen drama, too. There was reportedly tension on set for a few years, all due to an alleged romance between two of the actors.

According to The Sun, Lena Headey (who plays Cersei Lannister on the show) and Jerome Flynn (Bronn) were dating, and Headey refused to be in scenes with Flynn due to a "bitter real-life split."

“Lena and Jerome have not filmed together due to a bad break-up," a source told The Sun. "They kept the full extent of it secret but it was a very turbulent relationship and it has been very awkward on set."

"Awkward" seems like an understatement, though, because the source went on to say that "Lena has opened up to her trusted friends. She appears to have a genuine hate towards him.”


Lena Headey and Jerone Flynn
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images, Taylor Hill/Getty Images

In the show, their characters become linked in the same plot when Bronn is hired by the Lannisters, but Cersei and Bronn never appear in the same shot together.

Headey and Flynn acted opposite each other in a few episodes of a British TV series called Soldier Soldier, though The Sun traces their relationship back to 2002, and reports that Headey ended their relationship in 2014. Flynn's spokesman denied it was in his contract that he and Lena were kept apart, though a GoT crew member told The Telegraph in 2014 that “Jerome and Lena aren’t on speaking terms any more and they are never in the same room at the same time."

“It’s a pity because they appeared to have patched things up for a while, but now the word is they should be kept apart at all costs," the crew member said at the time.

At least now the show — and any possible awkward interactions with an ex — is behind us all.

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