Did Jaime Lannister's hand just ... grow back?


A week after the Starbucks cup seen around the world, Game of Thrones fans have spotted another egregious error on the show — this time, a big Photoshop (or rather, lack of Photoshop) fail.

In a promotional photo from last night's episode, Jaime Lannister can be seen hugging his sister Cersei — with his right hand still intact — despite the shocker of a scene from season 3, in which his hand was unceremoniously chopped off. He's worn a gold prosthetic right hand since, but in the photo, his hand seems to have miraculously grown back.

Game of Thrones
Credit: HBO

To be fair, Jaime's real human hand didn't appear in the actual episode — just the promo photo — but fans couldn't help making fun of the mistake.

Last week, the show was roundly mocked and memed after a very modern-day Starbucks cup was accidentally left in a scene — causing creators to later digitally scrub it from streaming versions of the episode.

With the end of the show coming next week, maybe creators just couldn't be bothered to painstakingly edit Jaime's hand out just for a simple promo still?