Here’s How the Game of Thrones Cast Celebrated Emilia Clarke’s 30th Birthday

Emilia Clarke
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Emilia Clarke turned 30 years old on the Game of Thrones set on Sunday, but there were no Unsullied, Dothraki, or White Walkers to be found at her unconventional celebration. Apparently Game of Thrones-style birthdays mean something very different to the cast than we would think, as Clarke’s birthday party had two special guests: Spongebob and Dora the Explorer.

Yes, you read that right: Her 30th birthday celebration looked more like it was meant for a 3-year-old. In the hilarious photo, Clarke—while donning Khaleesi’s blonde wig—looks up with trepidation at a monstrously tall man in a Dora the Explorer costume, while a dressed-up Spongebob flips her off.

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“Please note: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS. And show runners. And a brand new thirty year old. And Jon Snow’s mum,” she wrote, jokingly playing with fans as the rumors about Jon Snow’s parentage continue to swirl. “#butnosneekypaps #vivalagameofthronesbithdays #waitisthatchanningtatum?!”

We’ll always be charmed by Clarke’s adorable sense of humor. Happy birthday, Emilia!

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