Alexandra Whittaker
Oct 03, 2017 @ 10:45 am

Gal Gadot may play Wonder Woman on screen, but that doesn't mean she's immune to IRL fears. Case in point—hosting Saturday Night Live.

While the actress has been gearing up to front the show on Oct. 7, she revealed during a panel at the 92Y in New York City that it's intimidating and, to be honest, we totally see where she's coming from.

"[HFPA president] Meher [Tatna] and I were talking behind stage about how nervous we are doing this," Gadot said on Sunday. "That's my fear—to speak like a dummy."


She might worry about sounding dumb, but Gadot's got experience on her side. Not only is she skilled at acting in movies, but she's also dabbled in improv before.

"Improv, yeah I did, but never in America on Saturday night. I can barely say 'Saturday Night Live,'" Gadot joked. "I'm thinking about the monologue and I'm like, 'Ahh.' Say 'Saturday Night Live.' But I am excited."

We hope the excitement outweighs the fear. And if worse comes to worse, she can just shorten the show's name to SNL and call it a day.

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