Credit: DC Entertainment Inc / Marvel Studios

Now this is a Twitter feud we can get behind! On Friday, Katie Couric tweeted a video of Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot asking Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) who he thinks would win if their two alter egos came to battle it out.

Gadot posed the question to the Australian hunk with a coy grin: "Now they asked me who would win, Wonder Woman or Thor? And I think it's Wonder Woman. Don't you, Chris?"

It didn't take long for Hemsworth, 33, to come up with a response.

"I think she'd kick Thor's a**," he replied matter-of-factly on Saturday.

"I always knew you were a smart guy :) But I think its worth a fight," Gadot countered with just the right amount of sass. "We should collide worlds," she added with a smirking emoji.

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Smart guy, indeed! Gadot, 32, isn't used to losing. In its opening weekend alone, Wonder Woman raked in more than $100 million, a box office record for a female-directed movie. We're still hopeful Gadot gets her wish and the two superheroes' worlds do collide one day.