By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Nov 30, 2017 @ 9:00 am

Gabrielle Union is reaching out to body shaming victims in the best way: through their closets.

On Wednesday, the actress shared the story of Laura Warren, a Georgia news anchor who was body shamed by viewers during her recent pregnancy. In addition to praising the WRDW broadcaster via a Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) post on social media, Union also announced that she was gifting her pieces from her New York & Co. collection.

“Laura Warren is another hardworking news anchor that I found who was subjected to body shaming… and in this case, pregnant body shaming!” Union captioned her #wcw dedication to Warren on Twitter. “I’m going to send you some fire outfits from my @nyandcompany collection so you can flaunt what your mama gave ya!”

Warren, who gave birth to a son earlier this month, wrote on her blog about how she received a voicemail from a woman who called her “too disgusting to be on TV,” after she wore clothes that hugged her baby bump at 20 weeks.

"Instead of letting this bring her down, she fought the good fight and decided to turn the negative energy into positive by saying nice things to as many people as possible and spreading love," Union's post went on. "Plus, she continues to wear whatever feels good to her while on TV! Keep doing you Laura!”

We couldn't agree more!