Chanel’s 2017 campaign is drawing attention to the woman behind the iconic interlocking Cs—the design house’s namesake pioneer best known as Coco. This year, however, the house is celebrating Coco before Coco, with a nod to her true first name, Gabrielle.

Karl Lagerfeld kicked off the year of Gabrielle in October 2016 with a bag he created in her name, whose ad is set to arrive in April. The house will continue to celebrate its founder with a perfume launch in autumn 2017. In the meantime, Gabrielle’s legacy will be highlighted in four short films to be included in the designer’s Inside Chanel series.

Chapter 18, the first in the series to address the founder’s little known moniker, Gabrielle, a rebel at heart, celebrates the designer’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The short, stylized tribute outlines Gabrielle’s ambition with a series of mantras adopted by the late designer, the “relentless, invincible, and eternal rebel.”

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for the next installment of Inside Chanel.