The Future Is Now: You Can Get a 3D Printed Model of Your Selfie

Kim Kardashian

Paging Kim Kardashian—your selfie-filled book rolling out today just might have some competition: In a move that could possibly one-up the star's Instagram game, you now have the ability to create a 3D-printed model of your own selfie. Computer vision companies Dacuda and Volumental have partnered to develop an app that will capture a three-dimensional rendering of your face, which will then be printed and transformed into a head model that can fit into the palm of your hand. Pretty cool, and only slightly creepy, right?

After taking a video of a 360-view of your face, the app plots out a depth cloud of the shape, then maps the texture and coloring accordingly. Right away, you'll get a digital model to use as an avatar or for games, which can then be 3D printed.

As of right now, the app is still in its developmental phase, and its creators have more in mind for it than creating an IRL feed of your most double-tapped shots. "Imagine purchasing perfectly-fitting eyeglasses or helmets from home, or starring in your favorite computer game, all as a result of a 3D head model that you captured on your tablet," says Caroline Walerud, Volumental CEO. "As this app becomes available on tablets, we will see a number of customizable products that vastly demonstrate how 3D technology can change the products we use every day."

The concept is pretty cool, but to be honest, we're not completely sure what we'd do with a 3D printed rendering of our own face—aside from displaying it on our mantle, or maybe swapping it with the head on an old Barbie doll. Scroll down to see what a 3D version of your face looks like, and check out the video on to see the technology in action.

3D Printed Selfie

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