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When you can't find the perfect shampoo for your hair type, take matters into your own hands and make one. Function of Beauty is making your pipe dreams of being a hair product mix-master into reality with their totally customizable products tailored to address any issue you have. There's no need for a thorough consultation—thanks to their user-friendly quiz, blending a personalized shampoo or conditioner becomes easier than filling out that lenghty eHarmony questionnaire.

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Start by picking your hair texture and structure, then choose a total of five #HairGoals, ranging from oil control and hydration, to mending split ends or minimizing breakage. The Function of Beauty labs will take your quiz, match your hair needs with the appropriate ingredients and mix your formula accordingly while you choose your products' colors and the name you want printed on the bottle.

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With the ingredients in place, the team then places your bottle into a paint shaker-esque contraption to thoroughly mix your product. The unique formula will be saved to your profile in case you need a future refill, and you can go in and further edit your custom blend if you decide you need more hydration, UV protection, or to change up your scent. Head over to now to score your own set, priced between $32 and $42.