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If you've ever had major envy for Jennifer Aniston’s physique, Sarah Jessica Parker’s style, or Beyoncé’s everything, you're not alone. Lucky for us, bestselling author Rachel Bertsche has done the legwork on how we mere mortals can live as fabulously as the stars, and we're taking notes!

In her new book Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me, out today, Bertsche takes celebrity inspiration from Pinterest boards up several notches by imitating the best of the lifestyles of eight celebrities: the three mentioned above, plus Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Tina Fey, Julia Roberts, and Jessica Alba. Berthsche told she was "in a rut," and after thinking about how her favorite celebrities seem to have it all together, she wondered, "If I try to do what they did, will I have it all together?" From working out to YouTube videos led by Aniston's trainers, to filling her kitchen with Paltrow's cooking must-haves, and going on a Julia Roberts–inspired social media fast, Bertche tried it all. Read on for the best tips Bertsche learned on making everyday life just a bit more chic and celeb-inspired.

What were your most surprising and fun insights?You don't need to make huge huge changes to get yourself out of a rut and get a little spring in your step, and feel almost as fabulous as these celebrities seem to be. Little things that I did [like] getting dressed in an outfit that made me feel good and made me happy, like Sarah Jessica Parker, made a tremendous difference. I used to work from home, so I would stay in my pajamas or just change into yoga pants and a ratty T-shirt. When I started getting dressed so I felt good about how I looked on the outside, I started feeling better on the inside. That was such a small thing, but it really made a huge difference!

Which celebrity "muse" did you connect with most naturally?I used to be someone who worked out all the time, and exercise made me feel good, and then I kind of got into this rut ... and let that slip away. When I rechanneled my energy and thought, "Okay, I'm gonna try to get Jennifer Aniston's arms, so I need to do what she does," it suddenly felt like me again. It was easy to incorporate that back into my life. At first it's hard because exercise is time-consuming and it's hard work, but I felt so good and I remembered, "All right, there's a reason I used to do this every day! This is what makes me my best self."

Of all the little changes you incorporated, which ones have stuck with you that you still do?Working out in the morning, and getting dressed up in the morning. Reading about Jennifer Garner, I got some insights into marriage, like watch football with my husband! It's surprisingly great!

What was the most helpful change you made during your live-like-a-celebrity experiment?The Julia Roberts chapter [on serenity]. It was a hectic time in my life, and it was really great for me to try and keep in mind those lessons of centering and gratitude and letting go, and realizing you can't control everything. That was something that doesn't come naturally to me.

You're a mom now. Congrats! If you were to do the experiment again, would you include any additional muses?I tried to cover the gamut, but of course now motherhood is such a big part of my life that maybe if I were doing this again, I would try to be a mom like Angelina Jolie. When I see the images of her and Brad walking to the airport and shuttling their kids around and still looking fabulous, and all the kids look fabulous, and no one has yogurt in their eyebrows, that is certainly something to admire, and she is also such a great model of giving back and using her star power for the good of others.

Any time-saving style tweaks that you learned?[Beyoncé has said] if nothing else, go with sunglass and lip gloss. If I can put my hair into a fun, messy but cute bun, a nice pair of sunglasses, and some lip gloss, at least I won't be embarrassed if I run into a friend!

Bertsche's book Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me: The Pursuit of Happiness, One Celebrity at a Time is available now (