Fun Gift Idea: Atelier Cologne's Intriguing Scents

Atelier Cologne
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On the market for a unique holiday gift? We're loving Atelier's Vetiver Fatal and Rose Anonyme colognes as a his-and-hers option, and both fragrances have movie-worthy back stories to boot! We caught up with the brand's founders, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, who told us the creative stories behind these star-crossed scents. "Rose Anonyme is a seductress jewel thief who replaces the stolen items with a mysterious signature rose, and Vetiver Fatal is a secret agent mesmerized by this woman, who he rushes to find," they told exclusively. "The two fragrances may seem like opposites, but are actually complimentary pairs." The key lies in the floral undertones in both scents, which play off of each other and keep the deeper notes from clashing. Plus, since the perfumes are technically unisex, you can veer between the seductive floral (or heady vetiver and cedarwood blend) depending on your mood. Check out both fragrances, priced from $70 to $195 each, at now!

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