jessica chastain YSL
Credit: Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

A good LBD is timeless! That’s what Jessica Chastain proved when she attended the New York premiere of Madagascar 3 in a vintage Yves Saint Laurent design—fitting, as she is the new face of the label’s Manifesto fragrance—a look pulled from Decades luxury vintage boutique in Los Angeles. “One of the reasons it’s so timeless is that you couldn’t identify the era of the dress just by looking at it—it could be any decade,” the store’s founder and co-owner Cameron Silver told of the textured silk little black dress, which is from YSL’s couture 1982 collection. “Jessica made this look like so much more than black and basic with her bold cuff and the red hair," he added. "The beauty of the LBD is that it's the perfect canvas. The person wearing it can use their own physicality to accessorize it. It complements rather than distracts, and it never goes out of style.” We couldn’t agree more!

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