Fun Fact: If You Wear Red Lipstick, You're Likely to Post More Selfies

Red Lipstick
Photo: Miles Willis/Getty

Your go-to lipstick says more about you than you think! There are numerous Instagram accounts we follow to get makeup inspiration each time we scroll through our feed (oh hi, Jennifer Lopez ...), but did you know people who wear red lipstick regularly are the most likely to share their selfies?

CoverGirl and Harvard teamed up to survey 1,000 women to see how lip color changes the way people perceive others, and found that people who wear lipstick more often post twice as many selfies per week than those who go au naturel. Red lipstick lovers came out on top, posting selfies three times a week, with nude lip wearers right behind with a twice-weekly posting schedule. Surprisingly, those who usually opt for a pink or plum lip color, some of the most statement-making hues, were found to upload selfies just once a week.

This could be linked to another portion of the study---in general, women who wore lipstick four or more days out of the week were found to have higher confidence levels than those who wear it less often, with red in particular as an indicator that the wearer is daring and creative. Red lip lovers were also found to be the most-likely out of the four color families surveyed to be out at a bar on a Saturday versus a night in with Netflix, and have an impressive shoe collection, with the women surveyed admitting to having around nine pairs of heels tucked away in their wardrobe. Could this be the reason why so many of our favorite street style accounts have a strong lip and shoe game? Possibly, though we figure any of the looks created with the four hues would be worthy of a double-tap.

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