By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 30, 2018 @ 12:15 pm

Balenciaga recently released a “layered oversized parka,” which, true to description, is a large coat made up of multiple layers ($9,000 worth, apparently). While ridiculous on its own, it wasn’t until the astute thinkers of the world wide web made a connection between the jacket and Friends’ Joey Tribbiani that people really started going in.

In case your Friends recall is a bit rusty, in the season 3 episode “The One Where No One’s Ready,” Chandler hides all of Joey’s underwear (long story), so in retaliation Joey puts on *all* of Chandler’s clothes: “Look at me, I’m Chandler. Could I be wearing any more clothes??”

The similarities between the jacket and scene are hard to ignore:

Friends Balenciaga Coat
Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy

Anyway, the coat got us thinking about all the other randomly iconic Friends moments that could very well hit the market in the near future. After all, the show’s 24-year anniversary is just around the corner …

Scroll down below to preview our concepts for ~totally legitimate and not at all ludicrous~ high-fashion inspired by the beloved sitcom.

Turkey Hats

Chandler tells Monica he loves her for the first time while she’s dancing with an uncooked sunglasses-clad turkey atop her head. The logistics of this may be tricky, but we can totally see a designer version of the memorable “Turkey Hat” hitting just in time for Thanksgiving. Ball’s in your court, Off-White.

Baby Powder-Stained Leather Pants

Though leather pants are no doubt the epitome of cool, we can think of something even cooler: a pair of leather pants coated in a baby powder finish, as Ross’s were after his attempt to get them back on in a girlfriend’s bathroom.

Rachel’s Bridesmaid Dress Wardrobe Malfunction

As if the bright pink tulle-covered monstrosity Rachel wore to Barry and Mindy’s wedding wasn’t bad enough, she managed to unknowingly tuck the hem into her underwear, flashing the entire guest list.

So yeah, we’re thinking an ugly prom dress with a gathered high-low butt-exposing cut at the back? If ass-less jeans can be a legitimate trend, who’s to say this can’t?

Ross’s Red Sweater

Far from being just your average Gap BOGO item, Ross’s red sweater prompted the revelation that he was the father of Rachel’s unborn child (!). Honestly, it wouldn’t be difficult to start mass-producing these babies, and as it turns out, they’re actually somewhat in demand. Add a women’s version reading “Ross Is My Baby Daddy” across the chest, and we have ourselves a bestseller.

Joey’s London Hat

Remember when Joey bought that Union Jack top hat in London (“London, baby!”)? Well, imagine that same hat, but it’s $14,500 and the red stripes are painted on with the bottle of red nail polish Christian Louboutin initially used to coat his shoes’ soles.

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

The Casual Wedding Gown

Who says you have to get married to wear a wedding dress? These Friends-inspired white ballgowns are equipped with handy pockets to hold your beer.

The Broken Couch

Remember the one where no one could “pivot” hard enough to get Ross’s couch up the stairs of his apartment?

This would fall under the lifestyle section, but we’re thinking a regular couch torn in two, the word “PIVOT” printed across the cushions in bold black letters. Paging Virgil Abloh.