This Company Wants Meghan Markle to Keep It Real After the Royal Baby

Mesh underwear and all.

With just a few weeks until the reveal of the royal baby (fingers crossed), there are plenty of things for Meghan Markle to think about, whether it's a hypno-birth with a naturopathic doula or what she'll name the baby. However, Chelsea Hirschorn, mom of three and CEO of Fridababy, wants her to keep things a little more down-to-earth. While the post-baby snapshots are sure to be glossy and 100% staged, Hirschorn published an open letter begging Markle to crack the veneer and show the world just how gnarly having a baby is.

Hirschorn's plea acknowledges the fact that Markle's sure to appear picture perfect and she adds that everyone is going to focus on things like the duchess's hair and outfits than what she's going through physically. Instead of all that, Hirschorn wants an honest talk about what's really going on.

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"Bringing a new life into the world usually starts with your vagina, and the aftermath is a mess," she writes. "The bleeding and swelling will linger, peeing will burn, and sitting like your old self will feel like a herculean feat."

Instead of disregarding those things, Hirschorn hopes Markle will be upfront about what she's going through, even if it does involve blood, burning, and baby poop. Hirschorn notes that Markle is going to have a lot of help, but even she will have to deal with the pressure to be herself right away.

"Women are expected to just throw on their new mom hat — and while some of us have the chicest milliner on speed dial, I promise you still won’t feel like yourself," she says.

Hirschorn's hoping for a focus on Markle's post-baby vagina, which she sees as something that needs to be addressed, not ignored. She writes that after giving birth, the vagina can be swollen and bleed, but many new moms don't know that, since nobody ever mentions it. The open letter ends with words of support — Hirschorn even pleads for Markle to take all the time she needs and not succumb to any pressure from her legions of royal fans.

"So when the 'big reveal' day arrives but you’re feeling like all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put your vagina back together again — use this stage to do your part for all women who are about to embark on
their first 'fourth trimester.' Skip the pomp and circumstance of the baby parade."

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