Frita Pinto Lead
Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images

With a gleaming smile, flawless skin, and an undeniably charming role in Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto quickly won over our hearts upon her arrival in in Hollywood. Although she’s best known for taking up characters who inspire discussion and for her philanthropic efforts, but don’t label Pinto as a good girl.

“You know there’s this image that everybody has, ‘Oh, she’s like the sunshine girl’ or ‘Oh, she’s the good girl’ and I’m kind of really tired and fed up with it,” she told InStyle Thursday at the Amazon Prime Endless Summer soiree in Los Angeles. “I honestly think it’s offensive when you think someone’s only one particular type. I’m like, ‘Hello, wake up. If you’re not like that in real life then I’m clearly not like that in mine either.’”

Thankfully for Pinto, her virtuous on-screen image will soon be swept away. “I have a film coming out soon called The Effects of Blunt Force Trauma. It was fun because I got to play the badass,” she said. “[For my new movie] I’ve got boots and rings and my tattoos and I shoot a gun … they actually had a tattoo that they kept on for most of the shoot.” Naturally, she played coy about whether or not she has her own ink. “How do you know I don’t have a tattoo? Good girls get tattoos. Everybody can get a tattoo. Let’s just leave that a little mysterious for a little while.”

So what other roles would Pinto enjoy taking up? “The two shows that I absolutely love are Homeland and House of Cards. That would be my absolute favorite to play a devious character on one of those shows. I kind of like the serious dramas,” she said. “And then, there are a few comedies I absolutely love. And who knows. I’d love to do a little stint on Modern Family. Sofia’s long-lost sister is in town!”

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