Kim Duong
Dec 05, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

Alright, holiday shoppers, if you’re feeling mightily confused as to what to get your Free People girl this holiday season, fret not. Free People has just launched a new, whimsical video that takes viewers through the thoughtful and sometimes puzzling process of gift shopping. In a warmly lit Free People boutique, the video follows a mother, a boyfriend and a brother as they hunt around for the perfect gift, reminding us that Free People has more than just boho sweaters and patchwork denim—it’s also filled with a myriad of eclectic goodies (I mean, two words: earmuff headphones, am I right?).

Shop holiday goodies featured in the video above: 1. Sequin bomber, $268; 2. Disco ball, $18; 3. Earmuff headphones, $28; 4. Dream spray, $20;

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