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File this under one of the most creative loopholes to Instagram's insane censorship rules surrounding the female nipple.

New York City-based manicurist Mei Kawajiri just created the nail design seen 'round the world in the form of a nipple-themed pattern for her client Erose Aziza. Judging from Kawajiri's feed, she certainly knows her stuff about the art of a creative manicure, though we're especially impressed by the attention she paid to every little detail on Aziza's digits.

The gel lacquer almost creates a 3D effect, and we're obsessed with the fact that no two are the sames. Look at the range of skin tones! And the sassy piercings! We're as here for this as we are for the #FreeTheNipple movement.

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Eager to make your own statement in the form of a statement nail? Realistically, a dotter tool could be used to create this look in lieu of a gel formula. Gather three nude shades of varying colors from your collection, and set down the base hue. Follow with a large dot in the center, then apply the darkest shade in the very center of that one.