The Jonas Brothers - Lead
Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images

For all of you who still mourn the end of the Jonas Brothers’ reign, here’s an exciting update. Over the weekend, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas’s 17-year-old brother, Frankie, hit a major teenage milestone and attended prom with his girlfriend, Austin, in Southlake, Texas, according to People.

The older trio may not have been able to add finishing touches to his look and send him off, but it seems that Frankie was just fine on his own. He took to Instagram to show just how much fun he had at the Saturday event. “Dabbing our way through prom,” he captioned a silly photo, in which Austin joined him for a dance move.

The actor also shared a Polaroid image of the duo at prom and wrote, “there’s no one on Earth I’d rather dab with than you.” She shared a selection of handsome photos as well.

As for how he popped the magic question—“Will you go to prom with me?”—Jonas used his creative wits and dressed up as Captain America character Bucky Barnes for the poster-fueled rite of passage. Austin donned her best Harley Quinn costume and obviously said yes.