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Andy Warhol had the right idea with his regime of switching his signature scent every three months. The artist's penchant for change has now inspired a move that just may change the way you shop for your fragrance from here on out. Drawing upon Warhol's policy, Scentbird is giving the perfume counter the Netflix treatment with its monthly subscription service that gives you access to your favorite designer spritzers at a fraction of the original cost.

"Sixty percent of women who wear perfume switch between multiple fragrances. In fact, the No. 1 reason women buy perfume is to get something new or different," Scentbird CEO Mariya Nurislamova says. "Sticking to one scent feels stifling and outdated; however, perfume bottles are expensive, impractical for travel, and last forever." For about $15 a month, Scentbird will send you a purse-sized atomizer filled with the designer fragrance of your choosing, which should last 30 days.

Once you've created an account on, answer a few short personality questions, and enter your top three favorite fragrances to give the service an idea of the perfumes you gravitate toward. Scentbird will then search its database of over 350 luxury scents---spanning the beauty alphabet from Armani to YSL---and will pull a handful of options that line up with your preferences. Similar to the way you added the every episode of Friends and Gilmore Girls to your Netflix queue, you can then place any of the fragrances from its expansive database onto your perfume calendar to keep track of which ones you can expect to get each month.

Because new perfumes are constantly hitting store shelves, Scentbird plans to add the launches to its roster as they happen, and is already expanding on the cool indie brands waiting to be discovered. Between expanding your fragrance wardrobe, experimenting with new scents, and cutting back on the clutter, we consider it a win all around. Now if only choosing a Friday night movie from our queue were this easy.