Four Questions for New Moon Star Charlie Bewley

5 Questions for New Moon Star Charlie Bewley
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment; Evandro Inetti/ZUMA How did you get your big break?CB: This is my first film role. I drove a cab, worked in a bar, snowboarded, then one day I realized the one profession I can do is acting. So I made up a resume, got a headshot and went to see an agent in Vancouver. Six months later I was auditioning for New Moon. Tell us about your character Demetri's look.CB: He's always covered up in luxury Italian winter wear, so I only needed to do the hair, makeup and contact lenses. It still took about two hours every morning. How would you describe your own style?CB: Bohemian gypsy. I like to wear jewelry. I don't usually wear fitted stuff, but I'm going to Ferragamo today to shop [for the press tour]. What can we expect to see in Eclipse?CB: I saw some of the [filming] with the vampires and the newborns when I was on set. It's going to be vicious.

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