Beauty from Concentrate
Credit: Courtesy

Orange juice from concentrate may not be as good as the real deal, but foundation from concentrate? That's another story. These ultra-concentrated foundation formulas by Marc Jacobs ($55;, Ardency Inn ($38;, and Cover FX ($38; may look unassuming, but have more uses than your favorite makeup-blending sponge. Depending on what you choose to cut the products with, they have the ability to transform just about any skin care product in your medicine cabinet into a tinted moisturizer, primer-base hybrid, or even a serum foundation. Even better, if your complexion tends to change throughout the year, you can mix two different shades for a completely bespoke hue.

Start by picking out your mixer of choice, then slowly add the tint drop by drop. Mix the two using your finger or makeup spatula, and the pigments will instantly transform your moisturizer or serum into a tinted version, which can be altered depending on your preferences. Unlike mixing a traditional foundation with a skin care product, the foundation concentrates actually fuse to the formula of your cutting agent, and won't impart a streaky finish. We recommend starting with one drop to create a tinted moisturizer-esque emulsion, then slowly dialing up the intensity from there, with four drops giving off the most-opaque appearance. Looks like Calvin Harris isn't the only mix-master out there anymore.