Pharrell Williams
Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage

Pharrell Williams had a huge night at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, taking home 4 gramophones in total, including Record of the Year for his hit "Get Lucky" with Daft Punk. But what had an almost bigger evening than Williams? His hat! The unique Vivienne Westwood creation grabbed major attention at the show, and was quickly rewarded with its own Twitter account @pharrellhat within a few minutes of appearing on the red carpet. The handmade felt topper inspired a slew of famous comparisons online, including one to Dudley Do-Right's famed Canadian Mountie hat, Smokey Bear's ranger style, and the Arby's restaurant logo (who called out the likeness on their Twitter account). So, why the oversized piece? Pharrell's headwear was a nod to early hip-hop musician Malcolm McLaren and The World's Famous Supreme Team's music video for their 1982 hit "Buffalo Girls." Though the hat seemed to stray from Williams' typical fly style, this was certainly one statement-making accessory, and definitely the most talked-about accessory of the night. Want to copy his style? You can buy his hat from the Vivienne Westwood Worlds End boutique in London for £95 ($157.57).