3 Food Stylists Reveal Their Favorite Winter Snacks

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They say beach bodies are made in the winter, but cold weather spells can render it nearly impossible to eat clean. Before you indulge in that warm and comforting plate of French fries at your desk, consider reaching for a slightly healthier option that'll satisfy your hunger pangs without inciting a glare from your co-workers. In case you're in need of some fresh ideas, we asked three of our favorite food stylists for their go-to snacks that are also easily transportable. Scroll down to see their picks.

"I love making a large batch of granola with sesame seeds, dates, and apricots and rationing it into little bags."
Mariana Velasquez

"When it comes to snacking, I prefer to keep it simple. For me, there's nothing better than a ripe, juicy Comice pear. If I've thought it out beforehand, I'll make a baked apple topped with a lot of cinnamon and stuffed with some steel-cut oatmeal. And as long as it's not too cold out, I still love a smoothie made with strawberries I froze in June for a luscious taste of summer!"
Susan Spungen

"I'm madly addicted to Satsuma oranges and clementines. I can eat them one after another like potato chips. I also love dipping Unique Multi-Grain Splits ($43/pack of 12; uniquesplits.com) into almond butter (I swear by Justin's). That way, there are always pretzel crumbs in my jar, which gives it a special flavor sensation of its own."
Maggie Ruggiero

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