Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

ICYMI: Apple just announced the long-awaited details of its new smart watch, set to launch April 24. One of the first testers? Christy Turlington Burns. The supermodel and philanthropist sported the watch while she recently ran the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon in Tanzania, and liked it so much that she'll be documenting how she uses it to train for the Virgin Money London Marathon next month. The best part? You can follow along.

"When I first got the watch, I went with the white sport band," Turlington Burns writes about the ultra-customizable device. "I also chose the Milanese loop, a couple of leather options, and a black sport band, so I can change it up depending on my mood or where I am."

She also details some of her favorite features. "To begin with, I picked a simple face," she says. "Then while traveling, I added New York City time, so I’d know when to catch up with my kids before their bedtime. I also like the solar face, because it shows the position of the sun during the day. That way I can figure out the coolest times to run."

We can't wait to see how Turlington Burns puts some of the other features to work, like the Now Playing Glance, which lets you control your music by moving your wrist, and the handy three-ring graphic that shows you exactly how much time you spend, moving, exercising, and standing throughout the day. Although you may have to wait another month for the device to start shipping, you can pre-order starting April 10.

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