Brooklynn Prince, the 7-year-old breakout star of indie hit The Florida Project, has been absolutely slaying the red carpet this awards season. Not only is she simply the cutest, but her fashion sense is totally Disney princess approved. Honestly, can you imagine being 7 and wearing this dress? I would never take it off.

Brooklynn Prince Lead
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Anyway, despite Prince’s command of the red carpet and her award-winning acting skills, she wasn’t present at the SAG Awards on Sunday.

Like any savvy 7-year-old (or her mom), Brooklynn has an active Twitter and Instagram account, so Miss Prince (or, you know, her mom … ) came up with a genius way to ensure the actress’s presence was felt at the awards show.

Honestly, Brooklynn may just be the most popular gal in Hollywood—we’re certain she was missed.

But fear not, with some simple Photoshop work, Prince was able to hang with all her actor pals and have the awards show experience of her life:

P.S.: Would it still be cute if a 24-year-old did this? Asking for a friend.