Five Ways to Make Your House Fabulous, From the Bathroom to the Bedroom

Make It Fabulous
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Architect and interior designer William T. Georgis is known for his ability to blend high-style architecture and modern decorative arts, and now he's giving out all his insider tips in his new book, Make It Fabulous: The Architecture and Designs of William T. Georgis ($50 at The 248-page tome, available starting this month, offers an in-depth look at 16 houses and apartments he worked on throughout his career, spanning from Park Avenue to La Jolla, California. And you deserve a piece of fabulous, too! That's why caught up with Georgis to find out how you too can make your house fabulous, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Scroll down to read his five top tips.

1. CREATE A HARMONIOUS BATHROOM"The surefire way to maintain domestic harmony is two bathrooms per couple," said Georgis. "Short of that, I highly recommend bath tray caddies with a book rest for in tub reading, radiant heated floors, heated towel racks, electrical outlets in a vanity drawer for hairdryers, and maximum storage. Of course, stone slab floors and walls are essential."

2. MAXIMIZE YOUR KITCHEN COUNTER SPACE"A fabulous kitchen is one where you can socialize with friends while cooking—unless you have a cook," he said. "The more counter space the better (copper counters are amazingly warm), and built-in drawer dividers eliminate frantic searches for whisks and preserve sanity."

3. UPHOLSTER YOUR BEDROOM WALLS"For master bedrooms, upholstered walls provide acoustic refuge and warmth," advised Georgis. "Large bedside tables with drawers and shelves are a must. Some clients request locks on bedside table drawers and large mirrors on walls parallel to the bed."

4. LET YOUR CHILDREN DECORATE YOUR PLAYROOM WALLS"Draw-on wallpaper decriminalizes your child's love of graffiti and acoustical insulation is de rigueur," he said.

5. THE ULTIMATE THING YOU NEED FOR YOUR HOUSE"Dimmers, dimmers, and more dimmers," urged Georgis. "On all lighting!"

Plus, take a look inside the book, Make It Fabulous: The Architecture and Designs of William T. Georgis, by clicking through the gallery.

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