The bkr Bottle, S'well Bottle, and the Define Bottle
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It’s no secret that drinking water is great for our physical and mental health, but it’s also a great defense against dull skin and dry strands. Yet somehow we’re always coming up short on our suggested daily intake. (The National Institute of Medicine suggests women drink an average of 91 ounces of water per day.) Having water close by at all times is an easy fix and these five bottles are so chic (and functional!) you’ll never want to be without them again.

For the Trendsetter

bkr Bottle in Bellini
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Simple and stylish, the bkr bottle ($42 for liter size, is a favorite among A-list celebrities---Gisele is regularly photographed with her bright yellow version. The sleek glass bottle is marketed as a beauty essential, and, according to us, it doubles as a fashionable accessory. Trend Collections are released every fall and spring, featuring new silicone sleeve colors inspired by seasonal runway trends.

For the “Water is Boring” Girl

Water Infusions Recipe Book and Define Bottle Twist Top
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If water’s taste, or lack thereof, is what keeps you from sipping, try a fruit infuser bottle. Designed to give people a healthier alternative to sugar-laden juice and soda, the BPA-free plastic and bamboo Define Bottle Twist Top ($30, features a lower compartment for storing fresh fruit, allowing it to infuse your H2O. (A center strainer piece keeps floating fruit particles at bay.). It’s not all about lemon water, either. “Water Infusions” by Doctors Mariza Snyder and Lauren Clum gave us 75 recipes to jazz up our drink.

For the Girl On the Go

Kor One Water Bottles
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A packed purse or duffel is no excuse to forgo a water bottle and the Kor One bottle ($25, is the reason why. The flat-sided bottle fit seamlessly between our work, gym clothes, and lunch tupperware in our filled-to-the-brim bags. A flip-top cap protects the spout from germs while traveling in close quarters.

For the Fit Chick

S'well bottle in Santorini
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The S’well bottle ($35 for 17 oz., is the athleisure addict’s best friend. Composed of non-toxic stainless steel, the bottle really keeps liquids cold, a perk we especially relished during a tough workout. Available in eight different textures, each with its own palette of colors to choose from, there is a S’well bottle to match every pair of your Nikes.

For the Environmentalist

BottlesUp Glass Bottle
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Designed by architectural glass artist Laurel Herter as an answer to the growing environmental problems caused by single-use plastic bottles, the BottlesUp glass bottle ($30, is as eco-friendly as it is stylish. The rustic, textured bottle (it’s made from the same glass that Don Julio and Patron tequila uses) also boasts the lowest carbon footprint on the market today and a portion of sales goes to causes dedicated to creating a more sustainable planet. We’ll drink to that!