Aveda Tippi Shorter
Credit: Tippi Shorter, Aveda's Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair

The struggle is real, ladies. As much as we aspire to greet each morning with perfectly polished tresses, it’s hard enough to get out of the door on time, much less allocate the extra effort to a hairstyle that’s likely to flop before our morning commute is over. Smooth, sleek locks are obviously the ideal (along with a personal glam squad of our own, if we’re being honest), but the maintenance attached to that reality should have us running scared, right? Wrong.

Allow us to introduce Tippi Shorter, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair, who has been a celebrity hairstylist to the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Rihanna, just to name drop a few. Tippi, like us, has lived through a few hairstyle nightmares of her own and has managed to master the look, so we perked up when she told us about these four easy tricks to get you out the door faster with red-carpet-worthy hair.

1. Use different products for different seasons.
Not only is it important to switch up your products each season, but also the amount you use. “I use creamier, oil-based products in the winter for maximum hydration, and I treat my hair more often,” Tippi explained. In the summer, opt for a smaller amount and invest in products focusing on UV protection and frizz.

2. Regular blowouts are good for your (hair) health.
It’s no secret that your hair takes a beating with all the constant heat styling, so make your look last longer by investing in regular blowouts. Giving your hair a break from the typical daily torture can lead to healthier, shinier locks and will help protect against damage and breakage, plus it helps to preserve your ‘dos. In between appointments, try Aveda’s smooth infusion™ naturally straight styling creme for a straightened look that lasts.

3. Fight frizz with household items you already own.
Frizz got you freaking? Dryer sheets are a best-kept secret among stylists. Simply sweep one in a downward motion on the surface of your hair for a frizz-free phenomenon. “I also love spritzing a little hairspray on a kabuki brush to calm frizz and flyways around your face,” Tippi adds. “Kabuki brushes are not just for makeup!”

4. Splurge on quality tools and products.
Even a seasoned pro like Tippi turns to her friends and co-workers for beauty advice, which has led her to some of her favorite styling products. But in the world of endless beauty merchandise, less isn’t always more. Do your research before purchasing new items, keeping in mind investing in higher-end products may save you money in the long run. Your hair, and your wallet, will thank you later.